Professional Test Security Support

Scorpion is built by Caveon®, the industry’s leading test security provider. Easily ensure the security of your exams by utilizing Web Patrol®, Data Forensics or any of our other award-winning testing solutions.

Exam security services and testing solutions by Caveon


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What More Can Be Done to Secure Online Exams?

While no singular testing solution or proctoring tool can ensure the security of an entire exam by itself, you can ensure valid and trustworthy results by partnering with Caveon’s experts in exam security.

Security audits by Caveon

Security Audits

Expert test security auditors review your project and deliver tailored, professional security advice, preparing you for any test security situation.

Works with Scorpion:

Online tests are especially vulnerable to security risks if ignored. Having a vetted security plan is the only way to ensure valid, fair, and trustworthy tests.

Fraud detection by Caveon

Fraud Detection

Sophisticated Data Forensics℠ analyses can be built directly into Scorpion to lend expert insight into your testing data, enabling you to detect and deter fraud.

Works with Scorpion:

All the wisdom of your program and testing data lives inside Scorpion, waiting to be analyzed and understood by our Data Forensics experts.

Web Patrol by Caveon

Web Patrol

Vigilant online patrollers that are fluent in many languages scour the deepest recesses of the internet for evidence of your exposed intellectual property.

Works with Scorpion:

All of your Scorpion test content is conveniently and covertly watermarked for our team to locate and identify thieves in the wild.

Investigations by Caveon


Experienced, professional test security investigators conduct independent, thorough, fair, and tactful investigations into any test security incident.

Works with Scorpion:

The data-rich evidence already living in Scorpion can help support any potential decisions to invalidate scores or pursue legal recourse.

Why Caveon?

Caveon’s extensive roster of testing solutions and exam security services provides the most comprehensive and supportive experience available. So if you’re a testing program seeking to secure your exams from the insidious effects of cheating and theft, you can rest easy knowing that the best security experts also come along with the world’s best online testing tool: Scorpion.

Caveon is the first and longest-standing exam security company

We’re the First and Only Test Security Company

We’re not just testing professionals; we’re test security professionals. Caveon was established on the principles of fairness and validity for all tests, and every service, technology, and innovation we provide directly contributes to that mission.

Caveon's security services prevent, deter, detect, and react to cheating and test fraud

We Offer Comprehensive Test Security

From the early planning stages and through development, past delivery and well into investigations and maintenance—our team offers it all. We’ll secure every stage of your testing cycle, cloaking your program in strategies to prevent, deter, detect, and react to test fraud.

Caveon's partnerships provide clients the best experience possible

We Prioritize Collaboration and Partnership

We take pride in our relationships with our partners and peers in the testing industry. Our clients come back again and again because our work makes a difference for them. No matter your needs, we’re the right crew to call upon.


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Testimonial by the American Board of Surgery

“For years, Caveon has helped the American Board of Surgery to assure the integrity of our examinations so that we can address our mission of protecting the public in terms of optimal surgical care.”

Thomas W. Biester, Director of Psychometrics & Data Analysis
American Board of Surgery