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Publish exams, administer tests, and deliver a seamless examinee experience in Scorpion’s online exam delivery tool.

Scorpion's online exam delivery tool


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Screenshot of Scorpion's secure online examination portal

Publish Exams

Scorpion allows hands-on control over the entire publication process, whether form splitting, setting cut scores, or adding in user agreements and end-of-exam surveys.

Popular Features:

Form Splitting

Scorpion offers multiple ways to set exam forms. Use the manual form builder, the auto-splitting feature, or simply input previously created forms.

Exam Configuration

Specify exam parameters such as time limit, exam mode (linear or adaptive), navigation, and whether examinees can pause the test or return to previous test questions.


Establish scoring parameters and cut scores. Then, customize the content, message, and features included on the score report sent to each examinee.

Exam Flow

Use the “Exam Flow” feature to add in user agreements, testing instructions, score reporting, and surveys directly into your online exam delivery tool.

Administer Exams

Scorpion meets your test administration needs with robust integrations and deliveries designed to scale.

Popular Features:

Scalable Delivery

Whether you deliver 10 tests or 10,000, we’ve got you covered. Scorpion is ideal for programs ranging from the “pretty small” to the “incredibly large.”

Dynamic Delivery Types

Deliver whatever kind of test you need, including CATs, LOFTs, multi-part exam experiences, SmartItem tests, and Super-DOMC™ exams.

Widgets & Tools

Provide optional calculators, include reference materials, and enrich your exams with embeddable e-books, videos, and more right within the online test delivery tool.

Flexible Integrations

Scorpion makes it a breeze to integrate and publish with your current LMS, online proctoring, or other third-party vendors and tools.

Scorpion's online assessment tools and exam portal include automated proctoring
Customize the way your online exam delivery is portrayed to your test takers in their online test portal

Exceptional User Experience

Deliver a seamless test-taker experience that’s accessible, minimal, and non-invasive.

Popular Features:

Embeddable Interface

Embed tests into your Learning Management System (LMS) or another test-taking interface, creating a seamless experience for test takers.

No Downloads

Scorpion online exam delivery tool requires no software downloads or installs. Your test takers simply click a button and start their exam.

Custom Branding

Customize the Scorpion test taker interface to be consistent with your organization’s branding and color scheme.

Exam Interface Languages

Allow examinees to select their preferred language. Choose from Arabic, French, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, or input your own – the sky is the limit!


Whether you’re proctoring yourself or using a third party, proctors in Scorpion can pause, stop, or even suspend tests.

Your Scorpion online examination portal experience includes ExamWatch

Exam Watch

Scorpion’s DIY proctoring feature allows you to view exams that are both live and in progress. Get detailed event logs and warning flags based on candidate behaviors right as they happen.

Test delivery with automated proctoring built right in

Bulk Proctoring Integration

While Scorpion does not provide online proctoring, we seamlessly integrate with top proctoring vendors like Examity, Meazure, MonitorEDU, and others to meet all your proctoring needs.

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“Caveon provided us with impeccable support and guidance when it came to transitioning our tests to an online format, during a very crucial time. Thank you to the amazing Caveon team!”

Aimee Carpenter
Ontario Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Contractors Association (ORAC)


Scorpion is the only security-centric exam delivery tool on the market.

Scorpion is ISO & SOC 2 compliant

Data Privacy

Scorpion is ISO & SOC 2  compliant. Rest easy knowing that both your personal data and your testing data are secure in your online exam delivery tool.

Scorpion has watermarking technology built right in


Embed invisible clues in your items to trace exposed or shared test content back to the individuals who shared it.

Scorpion's online assessment tools automatically alert you with suspicious test-taker activity

Event Logging & Alerts

View a log of suspicious events that occur during an exam to make informed decisions about whether to pause, suspend, or end a test.

Scorpion is the most secure online examination portal available on the market today

Security Rules

Automate aspects of your test security, such as setting suspicious event thresholds and blocking copy/paste or text selection.

Explore More Scorpion Tools & Features

The online test platform with security measures already built right in

Exam Security

Wrap your exam in layer upon layer of security measures.

Create secure exams

Build Exams

Design exams, write items, and collaborate remotely.

Increase your item pool with Scorpion's powerful AIG tools


Rapidly expand your item pool to reduce costs and exposure.

Scorpion is the only online testing platform offering SmartItem technology


Build self-protecting tests with this cost-saving, innovative item type.

Manage your exams and keep track of important trends in testing data

Manage Exams

Refine and refresh your exams with all your data in one place.

Scorpion can integrate with any third-party app or LMS


Mastermind your test-taker experience like never before.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Neither Scorpion users nor test takers need to download or install anything to use Scorpion or take tests delivered through Scorpion.

Yes. Scorpion has a number of UI language presets and the ability to add any custom language of your choosing.

Yes, Scorpion allows you to show content-area breakdowns and score reports.

Yes. Scorpion offers Exam Watch, a feature with enhanced proctor controls that give designated proctors and test administrators the power to pause, suspend, or stop tests based on live data in the proctor event log. Scorpion does not offer remote proctoring services, but can easily integrate with any third-party proctoring vendor of your choosing.

Scorpion is not a proctoring service, and it does not come with proctors or proctoring services. However, Scorpion can be integrated with your chosen proctoring solution. Furthermore, Scorpion offers Exam Watch, which gives designated administrators the power to pause, suspend, or stop tests in Scorpion based on suspicious events in the examinee Activity Log.

No matter how a Scorpion exam is administered (in person, in a test center, remote proctoring, testing event, etc.), all candidates receive the same user experience. Scorpion uses browser-based technology, so no additional software download or install is required for candidates to take a Scorpion exam.

Scorpion allows administrators to customize the exam experience in almost every way. From question type to language to button labels, custom instructions, and branding—you have control.

Automated forms splitting is when you use actual testing data or estimated data provided by SMEs to randomly assign items to separate forms, according to a blueprint specification, so that the overall difficulty of the forms is equivalent.

Yes, Scorpion’s secure launchpad supports bulk exam delivery at events like conferences, bulk delivery in testing centers, and more.