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What Is Proctoring? Is It Effective?

Proctoring: The Ultimate Guide

For centuries, people have relied on proctoring as their main exam security measure. In this ultimate guide, you’ll learn what it is, the different methods of proctoring available, where proctoring needs help bolstering security, and what you need to consider when choosing a proctoring vendor for your testing program.

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The Future Of Multiple-Choice

Like so many inventions before it, it was created to solve an important societal need, and its impact has been profound. What is the future of the multiple-choice item?

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How to Create an AIG Item

Whether you need to brush up on some basic (but vital) testing and AIG terms or you want an overview of steps for creating an AIG item in Scorpion, this guide has you covered as you explore the system.

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The SmartItem: Does it Work? Case Study Evidence

SmartItem technology solves several critical validity issues that plague high-stakes testing programs today, including testwiseness, cheating, and the theft of exam content. This report has been curated to further prove this claim with evidence in the form of case studies.

Learn the difference between AIG and SmartItems in this resource

AIG vs SmartItem

Okay, seriously—what’s the difference? Though they both achieve similar test security protection, this infographic explores eight ways that SmartItem™ technology differs from Automated Item Generation (AIG).


Learn "How to Transition to Online Exams" in this ultimate guide resource

The Ultimate Guide to Switching to Online Testing

There are lots of reasons to transition to online testing. Whether you hope to deliver some or all of your exams online, it’s important that you know the basics. In this guide, you’ll learn the advantages of online testing, the potential risks, and what you can do to beef up your security.

What is a SmartItem? Your Ultimate Guide

SmartItem™: The Ultimate Guide

The SmartItem is a revolutionary concept in item and test design. It can prevent all test theft and almost all forms of cheatingIn this in-depth guide, we’ll teach you what a SmartItem is, how it works, its many benefits, and lots more. You’ll also find multiple case studies and learn how companies like yours are benefiting from SmartItem tech!

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The Ultimate Guide to AIG

Before AIG, testing professionals had no way to easily and rapidly expand their item pool while also maintaining its psychometric quality. Now, there is a better way.

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The SmartItem™ e-Book

Dr. David Foster discusses a revolutionary concept in item and test design: the SmartItem. Without hyperbole, the SmartItem can prevent all test theft, and almost all forms of cheating. Such a claim cannot be ignored.

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The SmartItem: Does it Work? Data Simulation Evidence

To provide additional support and evidence for the use of the SmartItem, this report discusses two data simulations with the goal of demonstrating the equivalence of difficulty for tests with and without SmartItems and to show the effect of SmartItems on predicted cheating.

Learn whether proctors provide enough testing security on their own in this resource

Are Proctors Enough?

We are big proponents of online testing, but only if it is secure online testing. Some programs may be used to relying on proctors as their only security measure, but that just isn’t enough. Read on to learn why.


Learn "How To Build Secure Exams" in this ultimate guide resource

How to Build & Design a Super-Secure Online Test

Writing an excellent (and psychometrically sound) exam is a difficult, timeconsuming, and expensive undertaking. And it’s devastating when the exam you worked so hard to develop is stolen or exposed. Learn how to prevent this by building a more secure exam.