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See how companies are using Scorpion to create, deliver, and manage their secure online exams with these client stories and testimonials.

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What Our Clients Love About Us

“We chose Caveon because they have a fantastic software platform. Once we signed up, we were immediately matched with their psychometric and training teams who were able to assist us in utilizing Scorpion in a very unique way.

Their teams never wavered in face of the challenges we brought to them, and they remained very hands-on throughout implementation.

The innovative approach Caveon takes to item creation, item types, and maintaining content and delivery security is unmatched in their industry.”

– Richard Merrill, Leprino Foods

Leprino Foods

“Caveon was key to our success in building BetterCloud’s first certification exam and testing experience. Everyone we worked with at Caveon listened to our vision for our certification program and helped us to turn that vision into a reality.”

– The Team at BetterCloud


“We are a company that is new to the online testing environment. We were looking for a trusted provider that would also be willing to guide us in the process.

We would recommend Caveon due to the superior responsiveness and flexibility to meet our testing needs.

We had an unusual request that Ben Hunter and Caveon helped build into the test environment. It’s been a joy to work with Caveon.”

– Sharon Epps, COO & Director of Training

Kingdom Advisors

“Caveon provided us with impeccable support and guidance when it came to transitioning our tests to an online format, during a very crucial time. Thank you to the amazing Caveon team!”

– Aimee Carpenter, Ontario Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Contractors Association (ORAC)


“I have worked with many different item banking solutions over the years–many of which are too difficult to navigate for even the experienced user.

Scorpion has been instrumental in our item writers’ and/or reviewers’ ability to quickly understand its functionality and use it effectively. In fact, any solution that is easy-to-use and intuitive provides significant value to the exam development cycle.

For someone who is responsible for managing the development, maintenance, and support of our exams, the ability to track the history of an exam project and associated items is essential to our ability to defend each item, if ever challenged.”

Exam Consultant
UiPath Inc.

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