Protect Your Online Tests with Scorpion

The only online testing tool designed with your exam’s security top of mind. Read on to learn about the secure testing capabilities we’ve built right in.

Scorpion was specifically built for enhanced exam security


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Scorpion doesn't requires secure test browser downloads

Develop Exams Securely

Pull security directly to the forefront of your development process with Scorpion’s fortified interface and security-centric item and test designs.

Popular Features:

Proprietary Secure Item Types

Combat and neutralize the effects of theft, pre-knowledge, and cheating with our patented item types—Discrete Option Multiple Choice™ (DOMC) and SmartItem™ tech.

Secure Test Designs

Limit the effects of pre-knowledge and other forms of cheating with test designs like SmartItems, Linear on-the-fly testing (LOFT), and Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT).

Automated Item Generation (AIG)

Quickly develop large item pools with Caveon AIG for secure test designs like CAT and LOFT. Increase your number of forms & republish exams in the event of a breach.

Role & Permission-based Access

Changes to your exam are logged & timestamped—and each individual can only access content that they’re permitted to. Simply grant or revoke access as needed.

Deliver Exams Securely

Scorpion’s delivery features add layer upon layer of security to every test administration.

Popular Features:


Every item of a Scorpion exam is automatically (and undetectably) watermarked, allowing testing program administrators to identify and root out thieves in the event that live test content is exposed and shared online.

Enhanced Proctor Controls

Give your proctoring team the extra support they need. Real-time event logging and alerts provide proctors the tools they need to intervene in the event of suspicious activity, or simply to help troubleshoot a technology issue.

Security Rules

Enable “feedback mode” and provide context as well as correct & incorrect response information during a formative exam. Go even further by setting up automatic alerts for specific test-taker behavior triggersno secure testing browser downloads required.

Securely Proctor

While you should always employ preventative security strategies to minimize the need to rely on a proctoring solution, Scorpion integrates with many leading proctoring vendors and secures your test content and data.

Screenshots of your secure testing browser
Create, deliver, and manage your exams 100% online, no software downloads required.

Manage Exams Securely

Scorpion’s direct access to exam control and program data gives you the tools and insight necessary to ensure test security.

Popular Features:

Complete Control

Scorpion puts you in complete control of all content, instruction, survey, agreements, and other exam-related material. Publish, then tweak content while your exam is live. Scorpion’s versioning controls allow you to rapidly react to real-time changes.

Well-stocked Data Pantry

Some vendors charge separately for the kinds of data Scorpion gives all its users—or they don’t provide it at all. Access psychometric data and other key data points that allow you to gauge the health of your exams, items, and testing program.

Role & Permission-based Access

Flexible roles allow administrators to program certain permissions for SMEs, other permissions for proctors and administrators, and even on-site exam administrators the access to manage groups of examinees in bulk during their exam experience.

Instant Results & API Connections

Whether you want to create a certificate, email a score report, or send results to your candidate management system, Scorpion’s extensive API and webhook system allow you to take immediate action once a candidate is finished with their exam.


Caveon Scorpion adheres to the highest standards of data and user privacy.

Your data is always protected with Scorpion

Data Privacy

Scorpion protects access to administrator, candidate, and student Personally Identifying Information (PII). 

Scorpion undergoes extensive penetration testing and is SOC 2 Type 2 & ISO 27001 compliant

Security Certifications & Attestations

Scorpion maintains security compliance via SOC 2 Type 2 & ISO 27001 audits, as well as independent third-party penetration testing.

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“Scorpion is a 21st-century solution to a problem that has been in need of an upgrade for quite some time. It does a fantastic job with exam security and protecting test integrity.

If you don’t already have a remote testing delivery system in place then there is no better time than now to take a look at Scorpion!”

Exam Consultant


Scorpion enhances test security, but no tool can do it all. To truly ensure the integrity of your exams by stopping cheating and theft, you must employ deeper security measures. Using Scorpion, you have an inside track to all of Caveon’s premier test security services.

Learn more about security audits

Security Audit

Caveon’s Security Audit provides an independent, impartial review of your test security policies and procedures, evaluating your formal and informal processes against 300 “best practices standards.” Our proprietary auditing services work to highlight your security strengths, identify your risks, and offer actionable recommendations to address any vulnerabilities.

Learn more about investigative services


Caveon’s Audit and Response Solutions℠ team is led by highly-trained test security investigators. If you’ve experienced or suspect a test security breach, this is the group of first-responders that will best help you identify any available evidence (witness accounts, incident reports, testing data, and more), conduct interviews, analyze evidence, and report the findings.

Learn more about Web Patrol

Web Patrol

Web Patrol® enables you to detect and prioritize web threats, all while offering assistance to mitigate any potential damage. Patrolling consists of ongoing web monitoring by our team of experts, threat analysis for your exam content found online, real-time reporting alerts, threat removal consultation and tools, and ongoing expert security support and advice.

Learn more about data forensics services

Data Forensics

Caveon Data Forensics℠ shines a light on suspicious patterns in your testing data. Results of data forensics analysis can help inform program decision-makers about items or tests that appear to be compromised, test scores that should be excluded from the accountability, trends within the testing window, and the general state of test security within the overall testing program.

Explore More Scorpion Tools & Features

The online test platform with security measures already built right in

Build Exams

Design exams, write items, and collaborate remotely.

Scorpion enables you to securely deliver your exams

Deliver Exams

Securely deploy, proctor, and score your exams with ease.

Increase your item pool with Scorpion's powerful AIG tools


Rapidly expand your item pool to reduce costs and exposure.

Scorpion is the only online testing platform offering SmartItem technology


Build self-protecting tests with this cost-saving, innovative item type.

Manage your exams and keep track of important trends in testing data

Manage Exams

Refine and refresh your exams with all your data in one place.

Scorpion can integrate with any third-party app or LMS


Mastermind your test-taker experience like never before.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Scorpion is not a lockdown browser, but it has the ability to block content inside the browser and record an event log of everything that’s done during the exam.

Yes. Scorpion’s user roles support principles of least access, giving you the ability to restrict content visibility.

Proctoring is not included with Scorpion, but Scorpion supports integrations with third-party vendors and provides enhanced proctor controls in the Exam Watch feature.

Yes, Scorpion can be used to deliver exams in bulk at testing centers or conferences and events. The Exam Watch feature also enables an administrator to pause, suspend, or end an exam based on suspicious information in a test-taker’s activity log.

Exam Watch is Scorpion’s proctoring administration tool that allows an administrator or proctor to administer exams across multiple projects. Exam Watch is particularly useful for clients who administer their own testing events at conferences and other on-site activities.

Caveon Maintains SOC2 Type II attestation, and ISO 27001 certification, and encrypts data end to end using AES256 encryption.

Scorpion utilizes configurable role and permission-based access to allow for access to only the content that users are supposed to have access to.