Supercharge Your Item Development with AIG

Scorpion offers the industry’s only easy-to-use automated item generation (AIG) tool.

Caveon AIG's Automated Item Generation for Scorpion


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Automated item generation tools that are user friendly and easy-to-use

Generate Items in a User-Friendly Interface

Why manually write one item when you can build hundreds of items in one convenient model?

Popular Features:

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

With its simple navigation and drag-and-drop item building tools, Scorpion AIG’s graphical user interface (GUI) is easy for non-technical team members to use.

Asset Library

Load your own data sources to build your items. From images, videos, and glossary terms to first names and pronouns, create custom data sources and variables for your templates.

Psychometric Reviews

Psychometrically review the pool of items you created using Automated Item Generation, then test them and make adjustments to your item pool as needed.

Custom-Code Enabled

For those individuals who want to go beyond the GUI, Scorpion allows custom coding for AIG models. However, while coding is supported, it’s certainly not required.

Works Seamlessly with Your Existing Setup

Using Caveon AIG doesn’t require a rip-and-replace attitude—simply integrate your new item bank.

Popular Features:

Universal Fit

Scorpion’s AIG functionality works with any development and delivery system, and the secure cloud-based app means you can generate thousands of items with no software installation required.

Item Export Functionality

If you are committed to your current development and delivery tools, no worries. You can always develop items using Caveon AIG and export them to your own systems using Scorpion’s flexible API.

Item Type Support

There’s no need to overhaul your existing item and exam designs to use AIG. Scorpion’s AIG tools allow you to design your model, adjust the variables, and begin production.

Intuitive Interface

Scorpion’s AIG features are very easy for SMEs and non-technical team members to use. No need to put a developer to the task of generating your items.

Caveon AIG integrates seamlessly with your existing exam development setup


The security benefits of automated item generation


Caveon AIG helps rapidly increase the size of your item pool, while also enabling secure exam designs. This, in turn, helps reduce item exposure and keeps you ahead of content thieves and aging exams.

Caveon AIG increases your exam's usable lifespan


Give your exams a much longer lifespan by increasing the number of items and forms available and reducing item exposure. Decrease republication efforts by replacing compromised items and forms as soon as you learn of their disclosure.

AIG allows for increased efficiency on your team


Give your development team the tools to supercharge their efforts and reduce inevitable human error by using AIG to generate your new items. Save your team’s valuable time and effort for the review process.

Automated item generation saves your testing program money in the long run


AIG is the most cost-effective way to rapidly expand your items—saving development and security costs and making your item pools last longer, which saves resources over the long run.

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“The innovative approach Caveon takes to item creation, item types, and maintaining content and delivery security is unmatched in their industry.”

Richard Merrill
Leprino Foods


Scorpion is the only security-centric exam delivery tool on the market.

Scorpion is ISO & SOC 2 compliant

Data Privacy

Scorpion is ISO & SOC 2  compliant. Rest easy knowing your personal and testing data are secure.

Scorpion has watermarking technology built right in


Embed invisible clues in your items to trace exposed or shared test content back to the individuals who shared it.

Scorpion's online assessment tools automatically alert you with suspicious test-taker activity

Event Logging & Alerts

View a log of suspicious events that occur during an exam to make informed decisions on whether to pause, suspend, or end a test.

Scorpion is the most secure online examination portal available on the market today

Security Rules

Automate aspects of your test security, such as setting suspicious event thresholds and blocking copy/paste or text selection.

Explore More Scorpion Tools & Features

The online test platform with security measures already built right in

Exam Security

Wrap your exam in layer upon layer of security measures.

Create secure exams

Build Exams

Design exams, write items, and collaborate remotely.

Scorpion enables you to securely deliver your exams

Deliver Exams

Securely deploy, proctor, and score your exams with ease.

Scorpion is the only online testing platform offering SmartItem technology


Build self-protecting tests with this cost-saving, innovative item type.

Manage your exams and keep track of important trends in testing data

Manage Exams

Refine and refresh your exams with all your data in one place.

Scorpion can integrate with any third-party app or LMS


Mastermind your test-taker experience like never before.

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Frequently Asked Questions

While not all items themselves are suitable to use for AIG, great test questions of most item types can be written and expanded using AIG.

Definitely not. It comes preloaded in Scorpion, and the graphical user interface is easy to use.

AIG is useful for programs who are seeking to expand their item banks and make the best use of their resources.

A SmartItem is defined by a handful of essential properties, but the key differentiator between using a SmartItem and using AIG is that AIG produces a large number of static items while a SmartItem renders differently to each test taker on the fly.  You can learn more about the differences in this article.