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The Scorpion online testing platform


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You can design custom exams with Scorpion's online test builder

Design Exams

Whether a single-form, multiple-choice test, or a dynamic performance exam, the Scorpion online testing platform allows you to engineer exams to your exact specifications.

Popular Features:


Easily mastermind your exam blueprint using the configurable custom fields feature, and ensure your content aligns with target learning objectives.

Performance Exams

Leverage integrations to develop dynamic performance exams that allow your test takers to demonstrate hard skills during an exam.

Secure and Adaptive Test Design

Reduce exposure & increase the security of your online exams by utilizing SmartItems, Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT), and Linear on the Fly Testing (LOFT).

Accessibility Features

Ensure a quality experience for every single test taker by creating binary-response option tests, enabling translations, and other useful accessibility features.

Write Items

Scorpion’s robust item writing interface allows you to build dynamic, psychometrically-sound items that support whatever graphics and resources you’ll need to achieve your vision.

Popular Features:

Item Types

Create items of all kinds, from drag-and-drop and essay to short answer, DOMC™, hotspot, and beyond.

Item Banking

Employ sophisticated autonaming tools & custom fields to organize your item banks in ways only dreamed of before.


Upload photos, videos, eBooks, and other resources to build creative, data-rich items that make the most sense for your exam.

Language and Translation

Reach a global audience by translating your exam with Scorpion’s custom language and translation functionality, including character (double-byte) languages.

The Scorpion online exam tool supports many languages and item types, including proprietary item types
Scorpion's online exam tool allows you to securely collaborate with your team from anywhere in the world, no downloads required

Collaborate Remotely

Configurable workflows, review tracking, and activity logs allow you to easily manage your team’s progress and keep your test development project on track.

Popular Features:

Custom Workflows

Work on your exam your way. Set unique benchmarks, review processes, and more through your test development dashboard.

Review Tracking

Skip all those check-in calls. Scorpion’s “Reviews” dashboard keeps you on top of your team’s progress, giving you each item’s exact status and relevant changes in the exam tool.

Role and Permission-based Access

Limit exposure to test material by assigning specific user roles to each member of your team, including “writer,” “reviewer,” “administrator,” and “translator.”

Activity Logging

Keep tabs on team progress, user activity, and other important development milestones using Scorpion’s activity log.

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“I have worked with many different item banking solutions over the years – many of which are too difficult to navigate for even the experienced user.

Scorpion has been instrumental in our item writers’ and/or reviewers’ ability to quickly understand its functionality and use it effectively. In fact, any solution that is easy-to-use and intuitive provides significant value to the exam development cycle.

For someone who is responsible for managing the development, maintenance, and support of our exams, the ability to track the history of an exam project and associated items is essential to our ability to defend each item, if ever challenged.”

Exam Consultant
UiPath Inc.


Scorpion is the only security-centric online exam builder on the market.

User controls and secure two-factor authentication are built right into our online test platform

User Controls

Ensure compliance with critical security controls and limit individual access to test content.

Scorpion is the only online test platform with SmartItems, DOMC items, and other important test formatter tools.

New Designs

Only Scorpion has tools and proprietary item types to facilitate secure exam designs.

Use AIG to quickly expand your item bank

AIG Access

Quickly and affordably recreate high-quality item banks when content has been exposed.

Caveon Scorpion is ISO and SOC 2 Type II-certified

Data Privacy

Place your sensitive testing data in the hands of an ISO and SOC 2 Type II-certified company.

Explore More Scorpion Tools & Features

The online test platform with security measures already built right in

Exam Security

Wrap your exam in layer upon layer of security measures.

Scorpion enables you to securely deliver your exams

Deliver Exams

Securely deploy, proctor, and score your exams with ease.

Increase your item pool with Scorpion's powerful AIG tools


Rapidly expand your item pool to reduce costs and exposure.

Scorpion is the only online testing platform offering SmartItem technology


Build self-protecting tests with this cost-saving, innovative item type.

Manage your exams and keep track of important trends in testing data

Manage Exams

Refine and refresh your exams with all your data in one place.

Scorpion can integrate with any third-party app or LMS


Mastermind your test-taker experience like never before.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With Scorpion, you can absolutely import current items and exams. We will work with your team to make sure your data is in the best format to make the migration as seamless as possible. If it’s in Excel, it’ll upload well!

Yes. Scorpion allows you to assign specific roles and access permissions to each member of your team. There are predetermined roles for Administrator, Item Worker, Proctor, and Delivery Worker. Within those roles, permissions can be restricted based on the principles of least access.

In-exam assets supported by Scorpion currently include: images, audio, video, .PDFs, e-books, alt text, calculators, and widgets, as well as external technology environments (as might be used for performance exams). If you don’t see what you need, don’t fret! Our team is continually adding to this list and will work hard to accommodate your request.

Yes. Scorpion keeps a detailed activity log that tracks user changes, user ID, time stamp, and other metadata across individual items and allows switching to older or newer versions of an item, ensuring that you know exactly who edited your items, and when.

Yes! Unlike many other vendors, Scorpion clients have complete control over their test content and can modify, update, or republish their items, forms, and exams at willat no additional fee.

Absolutely! Scorpion offers multiple exam modes, including computer adaptive, fixed form, Linear-on-the-Fly, and even performance testing through our external item type.

Scorpion supports all aspects of the exam development and review process, including job task analysis, Angoff, and CARD reviews (congruency, accuracy, relevancy, and difficulty), and standard setting.

If you don’t have the inclination or resources to develop your own exams in Scorpion, our team of development professionals is here to help you create new tests, refresh your item pools, or rapidly clone exposed content in the event of a security breach.