Robust Analytics
for Your Exam Management System

Easily access, monitor, and respond to trends in your testing data using the Scorpion exam management system.

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Download reports with the Scorpion test managing system

Monitor Your Data

No one can gatekeep any of the data Scorpion collects for you. Multiple layers of item-level, exam-level, and test-taker data are yours to access and analyze whenever you need it.

Popular Features:

Development Analytics

Gain insight into details such as item type, user, phase, and objective. Quickly scan item and form version, exposures, and other critical stats.

Delivery Analytics

View completed deliveries, average score, and average test duration. Isolate examinee-specific data such as summary, score, proctor logs, and more.

Psychometric Analytics

Scorpion flags underperforming items & forms, allowing you a window into p-values, point-biserial correlations, discrimination values, response latencies, and more.

Robust Data Exports

Export types include Plain text, CSV, and QTI v2.2, and they include categories such as item responses, option summary, references, and more.

Respond to Trends

Make rapid, well-informed decisions with the testing data you get from your exam management system. Critical information and analyses from Scorpion give you everything you need to know firsthand.

Popular Features:

Exam Maintenance

Update, remove, or retire underperforming items, forms, and exams. Scorpion allows for immediate item version publication.

Real-Time Response

Decide to pause, suspend, or cancel an exam when suspicious examinee behavioral data is reported in your proctor log.

Data for Advanced Analyses

Access the robust, raw data necessary to conduct data forensics, test bias analyses, web monitoring, or other advanced evaluations.

Rapid Republication

Respond quickly to remove exposed exam content from live exams. Quickly republish items, forms, or entire exams to ensure score validity.

Student progress reports and exam maintenance data in Scorpion

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“The Caveon team have worked diligently with our Corporate Training Services Team to bring a secure exam solution to our virtual exams.

They have taken every obstacle in stride, deployed great problem solving strategies and worked with us to achieve the vision for our project.

We continue to partner with them on exploring new enhanced solutions & technologies and we appreciate their initiative of providing creative, value added ideas for the future.”

Corporate Training Services
Durham College


Command your security operations on multiple fronts using Scorpion’s bird's-eye-view security controls—all in a single exam management system.

Get real-time notifications in Scorpion

Real-Time Notifications

Scorpion automatically flags behaviors that may warrant pausing or suspending an in-progress exam, empowering you to investigate and instantly respond in the event of a security breach.

Grant unique user roles and permissions in Scorpion

User Roles & Permissions

Test-taker data is extremely sensitive. Control who on your team has access to specific information using Scorpion’s sophisticated roles and permissions.

Scorpion provides the data you need to properly manage your exams

In-Depth Data Exports

Easily access and export the data for advanced test security analyses such as data forensics or web monitoring, or when conducting investigations.

Scorpion enables you to quickly re-publish your items

Rapid Republication

Quickly replace exposed exam content, stopping individuals with pre-knowledge from gaining an unfair advantage over others who didn’t view test questions or answers in advance.

Explore More Scorpion Tools & Features

The online test platform with security measures already built right in

Exam Security

Wrap your exam in layer upon layer of security measures.

Scorpion enables you to securely deliver your exams

Deliver Exams

Securely deploy, proctor, and score your exams with ease.

Increase your item pool with Scorpion's powerful AIG tools


Rapidly expand your item pool to reduce costs and exposure.

Scorpion is the only online testing platform offering SmartItem technology


Build self-protecting tests with this cost-saving, innovative item type.

Create secure exams

Build Exams

Design exams, write items, and collaborate remotely.

Scorpion can integrate with any third-party app or LMS


Mastermind your test-taker experience like never before.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Scorpion can be configured to deliver nearly any kind of reporting that your program needs.

Scorpion has a native integration with Accredible and can also support a custom integration with nearly any other badging system.

Scorpion allows for two different dimensions of score reporting in a two-level, nested hierarchy. Scorpion can report raw scores, scaled scores, or descriptive feedback based on exam performance.

Scorpion gives you the power to control your own publication and republication. You never need to ask or pay one of us to do it for you (unless you want to).

Export reports from Scorpion in plain text, simple CSV, Webassessor, XLXS, and QTI v2.2. Reports that come available in Scorpion are delivery summaries, custom fields summaries, examinee comments, delivery scores, references, and reviews.

This requires an integration with a third-party vendor. However, Scorpion’s flexible API integration makes it possible to integrate using whichever vendor you want.

This requires an integration with a third-party vendor. However, Scorpion’s flexible API integration makes it possible to integrate using whichever vendor you want.

A Learning Management System can be a valuable component of a program that conducts testing; but if you’re using your LMS as your testing platform, it won’t produce valid, reliable test scores. Scorpion provides the item writing, banking, delivery tools, and security features that are necessary for valid testing. Scorpion also supports adding proctoring and other external workflow components to create the exact ecosystem you need.

Yes. Scorpion’s rich testing data is useful for further analysis to support the detection of and reaction efforts to cheating and test fraud. Your Scorpion data can support web monitoring efforts, psychometric analyses and data forensics, and any investigations into potential wrongdoing.