Professionals Who’ll Develop Your Great Exam for You

Why DIY when Caveon’s test security experts and exam developers build innovative and rock-solid exams in Scorpion all the time?


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What We Do

The hallmark of any good testing program is the quality of its exams, so don’t call an amateur to do this critical work. Experienced item and test development professionals will ensure that the job is done right and with the most innovative tool available—Scorpion. Our experts can ensure that your exam’s validity, accuracy, and defensibility are supported by solid test design and super-secure items.

Exam Development & Management

Our team of psychometric specialists works with you to build exemplary exams.

We provide end-to-end project management throughout your exam development process.

We thoroughly review your tests to ensure your items are consistent with your style guide and follow standards-based practices for a high-quality, secure, and legally-defensible exam.

We’ll help you define your minimally qualified candidate (MQC), including a detailed list of required experience, training, KSAs (knowledge, skills, and abilities), and what will be within and out of scope to test on the exam.

Our test developers will design an exam blueprint that specifies the key content areas, defines measurable exam objectives, and establishes the difficulty level for each item.

We will build balanced exam forms based on the objectives, item difficulty, and data provided during the standard-setting process.

While your SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) review and individually rate each item, our EDM will review the data and facilitate a discussion to set the exam’s cutscore.

We will perform a quality assurance check, submit status reports, and coordinate with your third-party vendors (if necessary) to prepare your exam for publication.

We’ll help you prepare practice and sample test items to allow candidates to view and answer questions that are similar to the ones that will be on the actual exam.

Security-Enhanced Development

Build self-protecting items and exams with secure test design and development.

We work with your team to develop clones of existing items to expand your item bank.

We’ll train your SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) to develop items that will produce various versions, which prevents and deters fraud, reduces content exposure, and promotes fairness. (Learn more about the SmartItem and DOMC)

Our test developers always design a security-focused exam to achieve your desired results by identifying the most secure item formats to use for your exam content.

We will work with your SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) to create a unique type of item template in Scorpion that can produce hundreds of variants.

Our skilled EDMs provide recommendations and guidance throughout your exam development process.

We are well versed in building exams that measure a candidate’s ability to work in technical environments or on special equipment.

Exam Audits &


We deliver specialized support for your ever-changing exam development needs.

We’ll ensure your exam questions align with their corresponding training courses.

We’ll conduct a psychometric review of statistical data and candidate comments to determine which items and objectives need to be revised or removed.

We’ll provide a style guide to establish a common language, look, feel, and set of protocols that are customized specifically for your needs and preferences.

Our test developers conduct an independent and thorough review of items that you or another vendor created to ensure they follow standards-based practices and style guidelines.

We can design and deliver customized training for your team, covering each step in the exam development process.

Our development manager will work with your SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) to develop a repository of exam items in various formats.

We will design and develop your pre-and post-exam survey questions to collect actionable data from candidates.


While AI isn't suitable for every exam development project our team undertakes, it is exceptionally effective for specific scenarios. Scorpion's proprietary AI-powered item writer allows our team of experts to create items more efficiently, reducing the overall costs of exam development.

Create New Exams Directly From Source Material

Our team can quickly and efficiently harness the power of AI to develop brand new items from your subject matter content.

Clone Existing Items to Refresh Old Exams

Our team can keep your exams current by using AI to refresh and replace exposed, underperforming, or out-of-date items.

Trusted for our exam design, test security, and exam developers.

An Exceptional Exam Development Experience

Exam Development is both an art and a science. That’s why you need the right people to do the job. Our team knows there are necessary processes, procedures, and hard-learned rules that produce reliably great tests. Our experience ensures you build the right test the first time.

Our Team:

  • Works directly with your Subject Matter Experts.
  • Can develop your entire exam (or just one part).
  • Has decades worth of experience.
  • Has won multiple awards (nobody’s counting).

A Plan To Achieve Your Program's Needs & Budget

We know exams aren’t cheap (even the bad ones cost a pretty penny to develop). Our team of experts, with the help of Scorpion, has solutions that are accessible to programs both large and small. Building a test that’s secure could easily save you thousands by significantly minimizing the chances of having to rebuild your exams.

Our Team:

  • Supports both experienced and brand-new programs.
  • Is flexible enough to develop customized solutions.
  • Works with programs of all sizes.
  • Is the only team that can increase the size of your item pool using Chameleon Clones, Caveon AIG™, and SmartItems.
Our exam developers make sure you're getting the best bang for your buck. Plus, you can bundle services and save more!
Develop tests with our team of best-in-class exam creators and psychometricians.

A Loyal & Trustworthy Partner Who Cares

We aren’t just another test developer; Caveon is founded on the principles of fair, reliable, and valid assessment and the value it brings to society when done correctly. Our priority is always to ensure the job is done right the first time around.

Our Team:

  • Is flexible, responsive, and easy to work with.
  • Creates fair, reliable, and unbiased tests.
  • Ensures your exam results are legally defensible in court.
  • Delivers your project on time, every time!


Tell us a little about your organization’s needs by contacting us today!

“We chose Caveon because they have a fantastic software platform. Once we signed up, we were immediately matched with their psychometric and training teams who were able to assist us in utilizing Scorpion in a very unique way.

Their teams never wavered in face of the challenges we brought to them, and they remained very hands-on throughout implementation.

The innovative approach Caveon takes to item creation, item types, and maintaining content and delivery security is unmatched in their industry.”

Richard Merrill
Leprino Foods